Frequently Asked Questions

Q . Where do the Tours Depart from ?
The Tour departs from Dublin Suffolk street outside tourism information point Also Tour departs from Galway new coach station Foster street.

Q. What time does the Tour depart ?
The Tour's departs Dublin at 6.15am,6.30am.
The Tour's departs Galway at 9.30am,9.45am.

Q . What time does the Tours return ?
The Tours return to Dublin at 21.45pm,22.00pm
The Tours return to Galway at 5.30pm,6.45pm

Q . Can we buy tickets on the coach ?
Yes you can but adviseable to book in advance especially in the peak times, or call if you are in doubt.

Q . What should i wear ?
It is advisable to wear strong footwear and a light raincoat as the weather in Ireland changes quickly.

Q . Does the Tours have lots of stops ?
Yes we have lots of stops on all our Tours some are organised some are random .
Also lots of toilet and eating stops we pride ourselves in making your tour as comfortable as possible.

Q . Do you need a valid student card / Oap (senior card) from your country.
Yes you do.

Q . Can i book through my Accomadation or website ?
You can book through most Accomadation provide's as most of them sell our tickets for all our Tours. Also if you wish you can book through the internet.

Q . Do i need proof of Ticket Purchase ?
Yes you do , If you book through your accomadation you will receive a receipt ticket . If you book online you will receive a email confirmation ticket.

Q . Is the Tours fully guided ?
All our tours are fully guided with native guides from the area in where your tour is going to thats what makes us different.

Q . Is the Tours Eco Friendly ?
We travel through protected landscapes and ecologically sensitive areas and promote awareness when traveling in these areas to try and minimise our carbon footprint.

Q . What should i do if i have a problem booking online or with an agent ?
You should contact us by email or call us directly and we will help you fix your problem normaly there are not many.

Q . What do we learn on the Tours ?
All our tours are very informative and covers a lot of local and historical knowledge gathered over from times of past,fun and group friendly . We also try and teach you a little bit of irish along the way.

Q . What makes us Great and better than the rest ?
Were big enough to offer professional service and support,but small enough to care for every passenger and there stay in Ireland. We have modern vehicles, professional handpicked native tour guides, its not like a tour its like a journey with a friend through Ireland. We travel through protected landscapes and ecologically sensitive areas and promote awareness when traveling in these areas to try and minimise our carbon footprint.

Q . Can i book my accomadation through Faherty tours ?
We are here to help you in any way we can and providing help with your accomadation is a free part of our service.

Q . Can i contact Faherty tours about my Itineary ?
We are here to help you with any if not all of your stay in ireland please contact us with the smalleset Query.

Q . How long do we get to stay in Galway on the tour from Dublin ?
In the morning enough time for breakfast when the tour returns to Galway at 5.30pm you get 1.5hours of free time to explore Galway and decide if you would like to stay or head back to Dublin on our Coach ?

Q . How long does the ferry take to the Aran Islands ?
The ferry to Aran takes a mear 45mins and can hold up to 300 passengers a very smooth crossing with bar/toilet and excellent friendly crew on board.

Q . How long do we get to spend at the cliffs of moher / Bunratty Castle and folk park ?
You get to spend 2hrs at the cliffs of moher with a free 35min fully guided walk along the cliffs and 1.5hours to explore on your own . At bunratty you get to spend 1.5hours fully guided or again to do your own thing as you wish.

Q . Are the tours fully inclusive ?
All our tours are fully inclusive unlike some of our compeators who surprise you with added extras along the way . We have an option on the cliffs of moher / Bunratty castle where one price includes the bunratty entrance and the other does not as it gives you an option if you would like to go into the castle or not .

Q . Is it correct Faherty tours are origanally from The Aran islands ?
Yes it is that is where we started our tours and continue it every day.

Q . Do Faherty tours do other tours in ireland ?
Yes we do a lot of 3/9 day packages also with accomadation provided and fully guided

Q . Can i do my own thing on the Tours ?
Our Tours are set up in such a way that you can do your own thing or join our group, On the Aran islands you can take a guided bus tour, Go cyclying, or walking its all fully inclusive its at your pace .

Q . Is it correct that at Faherty tours is the best No 1 company to go with ?
Yes we are new fresh thinking offering a range of tours from Dublin and Galway. We provide an unbeatable irish experience on all our tours we love our work and love our tours.

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